What to choose – a ready-made template or the development of a site from scratch? Advantages and lacks of both solutions

Is a site from a ready-made template, something like a Lego?

This question can be answered in the affirmative. But not unambiguous. If you have ever made something of the many details of Lego, you know that everything depends on your own solution. You can follow the instructions put in the set or use the elements you have and create something absolutely original. You just do not need to engage independently in manufacturing parts to embody your imagination – you already have them. And if something is missing, it can merely be taken from another set.

Not only self-taught amateurs who decided to independently master the art of creating sites work with templates but also well-known companies, for example, SECL Group. But the result will be totally different. The amateur will most likely come out with something like what is depicted in the picture instructions, which means it is hardly worth discussing the original solution. Professionals will take the template as the basis and make them something that fully reflects your individual tastes and preferences.

If the template can be fully adapted to the customer’s individual requests, does the order from scratch just increase the costs?

No. It may seem only at first the most superficial look, and God, like the devil, lies in the little things. Therefore, let’s delve into the details.

Which one of the particular options is the optimal solution for you depends on many factors. Let’s look at the most common of them. For example:

  • You need to get the site in the shortest possible time
  • Your budget is tightly limited
  • Individual design is not among your priorities
  • The site should solve only standard problems.

If all of the above describes your situation, then acquiring the template and its subsequent revision will be the best choice.

At the same time, choosing this option, you need to keep in mind the apparent disadvantages of such a solution:

  • If your needs go beyond the standard set in a template, you will need a serious revision. Sometimes the cost of such changes may be higher than writing the site from scratch, considering these requirements at the start.
  • The design will still resemble other sites created on the basis of this template. Of course, you can easily change the colors, names of buttons, etc. However, the general placement of the main elements will implicitly remind the visitor of something that he has already seen in another place.
  • The best is the enemy of the good, and the worst of freedoms is freedom of choice. Since there are a vast number of templates, it may be difficult for you to opt for something specific. There will always be a feeling that if you look for a little more, you will definitely find precisely what you need. However, such kind of search is the path to infinity.

Now let’s subject the option of ordering a site from scratch in a similar analysis. Your situation can be described as follows:

  • Your niche has exceptionally high competition, and you need to create something unique to stand out sharply from the total mass.
  • You are ready to invest time and money in the development with a guarantee of obtaining a product that, even in the details, corresponds to your individual requests and needs.
  • You plan to scale your business, which will affect the possibilities offered by your Internet resource. It means that you will need to regularly modify the existing site and add new modules to it.
  • You are aiming for the constant promotion of the site, and you need regular SEO optimization following the constantly changing search algorithms.

Does this approach have minuses? Of course, it has. After all, as they say, our shortcomings are a continuation of our advantages. When ordering individual development, you should be prepared for the following:

  • The site’s development from scratch takes noticeably more time than adapting the ready-made template for your needs. If you can manage the template within a week, an individual approach will require two months or more.
  • Creating a site with attention to all your requirements is like sewing a costume from a high-class tailor instead of buying clothes in a store. Be prepared for spending that can grow while implementing your additional fantasies. And, be sure, these fantasies will necessarily appear in the development process.
  • To develop a site that reflects your personality, you should contact experienced developers. Most likely, discussing and signing related documents may take some time.

So is it worth paying more?

Only you can answer this question. However, take into account several essential factors.

  • The money you pay for the site’s development is a long-term investment. By laying into your product the possibility of scaling, changes, and constant optimization, you create conditions for the continuous location of your site in trend. In the template’s case, such opportunities are sharply narrowed until they disappear entirely.
  • An individual approach allows preliminary preparation. For example, a personal test of elements and a general site interface in a focus group, making it thus as friendly as possible for your target audience.
  • Flexibility in the site settings made by individual order allows you to monitor the behavior of visitors using special tools and adjust the design according to the specifics of your business. This way, the sales funnel expands, and the conversion of the web resource increases.
  • The possibility of quick adjustment of the site leads to a decrease in the cost of contextual advertising and accelerates promotion through search queries. Such a result is achieved by tracking the elements rejected by search algorithms, ensuring the raising of the site’s position in Google ratings.

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